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sport and heat

Summer is well and truly here, and so is the heat that comes with it. So how can you continue to exercise safely and enjoyably? Discover my seven tips to keep fit this summer while having fun and taking no risks.

Stay well hydrated

Sport means perspiration ! You must always give your body back the water it has lost. You need to drink about a liter more water than usual when you work out.

Always take a water bottle of at least 1,5 L with you. Remember to take an isothermal flask filled with cool water.

Tips for those who have trouble drinking:

Now that you know how to stay well hydrated, let’s look at how to dress during your sports sessions.

Adapt your clothing

You’re well-equipped: but the best thing you can do about the heat, for your body, is to avoid it!

Practice your sport at a convenient time

sport ert heat morning

Each season has its own timetable for spending energy! In summer of course, it’s best to train during the cooler parts of the day.

But to keep your body cool, nothing beats the freshness of water.

Try your hand at water sports

water sports and heat

If you’re not a fan of this type of sport, then summer will become an ally for experimenting with new things.

It’s a great way to cool off and keep up your sporting activities, and a great way to have fun with family and friends.

In summer, you probably want to enjoy the outdoors. Let me introduce you to the best sport for exploring the area!

Get on your bike

sport and heat cycling

Cycling strengthens your bones and works the muscles in your lower body.

If you stick to the timetable I’ve given you above to avoid overheating, and put on a helmet, you can have some great sporty rides.

Or hop on a mountain bike for an adrenalin-filled afternoon in the forest.

A summer full of thrills in store. But if you’re looking for a little lightness and fun, racquet sports are for you!

Discover racket sports

Whether it’s a game of badminton in your garden, beach volleyball on your beach vacation or tennis lessons, there are plenty of racket sports to choose from.

What makes them good?

Excellent for cardio and for refining your figure and strengthening your muscles, this type of sport will keep you healthy and shape your body, while you’ll just have had the feeling of having fun.

You now have plenty of ideas for spending your summer, but always be careful during this period.

Watch out for heatstroke

The risk of heatstroke is very high for athletes in summer.

Symptoms of heat stroke include fever, red face, headaches and intense thirst.

If heatstroke is more severe, you may experience vomiting and behavioral problems.

By staying hydrated, not pushing yourself too hard, protecting yourself from the sun and working out during the cooler hours of the day, you can avoid this unpleasant and dangerous event.

To sum up, my tips for staying in shape this summer despite the heat

If you want to work out in optimal conditions and have goals in mind, let me become your personal trainer. I promise to get you started in a way that’s perfectly adapted to your profile.