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Samy SART, personal trainer, helps you achieve your sporting goals in Geneva

I am Samy SART, professional sports coach or personal trainer in Geneva, and I offer you different personal sports coaching offers to help you achieve your goals in terms of physical transformation. I adapt to your level and your needs and offer you a tailor-made sports program so that you can progress smoothly towards the physical form you desire.

Samy Sart Fitness Coach

Samy SART, sports coach or personal trainer in Geneva

Do you want to have a real physical transformation and work with someone who can provide expert advice? I am here for this ! Whether it's weight loss or muscle building, or even fitness programs, you define your own goals and I will offer you a personalized program. If you live in the canton of Geneva and want to get back on your feet, you only have one thing to do: contact me.

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Discover my corporate sports coaching services

Coaching sports teams is like running a business. You have goals and you work hard to achieve them! I'm here to take on the challenge of turning your business into a team of athletes who compete with each other, but stick together. Together, we will set up sports training sessions in small groups (small group training). Objective: incentivize your teams through the prism of sport.

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Let off steam with me and discover my boxing offer

Boxing is not only limited to fights. It is also an effective way to develop the muscles of the whole body, to work on your cardio since it trains you to throw punches while following music or against another person in order to stay focused! I suggest that you be that other person who will coach you by sending uppercuts to music.

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Take your physical transformation to the next level with Featness

I coach you in Geneva? Take advantage of free access to Featness Premium. Between two sessions with me, there's no more reason to drop your training, since Featness helps you keep up the pace!

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With Featness, discover in particular the personalized food plan and the diet calculator that will help you maintain your sports goals throughout the week and adapt your diet.

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The ultimate: a hyper-personalized 6-week program thanks to an AI. This sports program adapts according to your physical form, your level of sports practice.

Samy, your sports coach who adapts to your needs in Geneva

If you are looking for a personal sports coach / personal trainer around Geneva, look no further than me! I am an experienced professional who can help you make every session count. Contact me directly if this sounds like what you need! Why wait for your future physical transformation?

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Take advantage of this two-in-one personal coaching and app subscription offer. An offer you will surely not regret!

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