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What are the advantages of online sports training?

Saving money

(No unused subscriptions)

Fully private services

(Training at home, out of sight)

Time saving

(No displacement)

Insurance receipts available

(My services could practically be free!)

Adopting better lifestyle habits

(Nutrition, sleep, stress management, etc.)

Little sports equipment required

(No need for sophisticated devices costing $$)

Sharing sports sessions

(Share your sessions with family and friends at low cost)

Flexible working hours

(You train when you want)

Motivation + Support = Guaranteed results

(My presence assures your attendance)

The commitment of Samy Sart

Sports coaching tailored to your needs

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What my clients say about my sports coaching services

Testimonials of successful transformations

I've been coached by Samy for 3 years in a row now, and he's a stickler for training technique and nutrition. He coaches me 2 times a week and I follow him remotely thanks to his videos. intuitive to use. Thanks to all these efforts, I've dried off a lot and can now finally see my abs 🙂

Avant - Après

Samy is an excellent teacher! I started my sessions completely discouraged about to my body and my excess fat. Samy was able to "read" my body after about twenty minutes during the first session. session. I must admit I was so surprised... I recommend Samy to all beginners who want to lose weight and gain strength. muscle.

Avant - Après Thbertoldo

Samy immediately put me at ease. I discovered a very pedagogical teacher who transmits his love of sport. Every week he pushes me to excel. His energy and taste for the details my much more. Even when the going gets tough, he's always got a look in his eye. benevolent. It's a pleasure every week,

Avant - Après Dams Khnz

Great teacher, always motivating and in a good mood. Despite the qualities of many teachers and their great knowledge, samy is the only one (for me) who read what was necessary or not, and he adapted each exercise for the student. For me, it's the best, see you in a few months... thank you samy.

Anthony Mickael
Avant - Après Anthony Mickael

Samy is an excellent sports coach, full of energy, a good listener, motivated and very dynamic. I really appreciated her courses, which were tailored to our needs. Varied classes that get you moving. I recommend it!!!

Avant - Après

Excellent coach, thanks to his ability to listen to needs and provide solutions. Followed my evolution, even beyond the mission. So don't hesitate for a second to call on his services.

Avant - Après Ismaello

Samy gave me a new taste for sport. He is very professional and pedagogical (complete coaching with nutrition program). I can already see the change coming! I highly recommend Samy as a coach 🙂

Avant - Après

Samy is extremely attuned to your body, and will push you to overcome your fears gently and patiently. In short, I obviously recommend it.

Avant - Après Marcus Vinicius