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Looking for a personal trainer? I offer individual coaching in Geneva. Using a personal trainer will be good for you, because you’ll be motivated right to the end to achieve your goals.



Become your strongest self

I'm a fitness professional specializing in optimizing health and well-being. Discover my sports coaching services through different types of training: cardio training, strength training, or circuit training. Choose how you want to spend your energy, and you'll be completely revitalized after your session with me!

Prestation Coaching

Coaching services

Solo or Duo Coaching Session

Customized Sports Coaching

Optimize your sports coaching sessions and discover what you're capable of right now. 7-day-a-week follow-up included in your personal training sessions. You'll benefit from a 100% personalized Nutritional Plan. A video training program included in your personal training sessions and a complete body assessment

A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

Physical preparation is not useless, believe me, it only has advantages! It enhances your qualities, but not only that! It also protects your body from injury, which in the long run will help you go further and longer. Need more information?