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free summer sport geneva

Do you wish to be active this summer without spending a penny? That’s good, because the city of Geneva is full of options when it comes to free sporting activities that will make you sweat while having fun. Whatever your sporting profile and your desires, Geneva has everything you need to move without spending.

In this article, you’ll find 7 original ideas for practicing sports and enjoying the summer season in Geneva. Ready to take on the challenge? So let’s go enjoy an active summer!

The summer capsules, a concentrate of sport activities offered by professionals

From 3rd July to 23rd August, 2023, the city of Geneva is organising free sports lessons. This amazing concept reoccurs every year. In the heart of the magnificent La Grange park, in front of the imposing Reformation Wall and in many other original places. If you’re 18 years or older, come and enjoy Yoga classes or Urban training. So, what are you waiting for to sign up?

Biking: the summer’s good idea

free bike sport summer geneva

Beautiful Geneva is full of bike paths. To go out on your own, with friends or with your family, nothing beats pedalling! The city of Geneva is filled with treasures, so why not discover them on non-motorised two-wheelers? Combining discovery and sport is this summer’s good idea!

Fitness trails: for a fresh sporting adventure

You may, for instance, go to the Vita Parcours, where you can enjoy 8 different trails. Fitness trails are the best way to work all your muscles thanks to the various exercises offered, while enjoying the coolness provided by trees and greenery. It’s a perfect free option for the summer and you can make things more challenging by brisk walking or even running through it.

Practice climbing for free

climbing free sport summer geneva

Did you know that a self-service climbing wall is available in the heart of Geneva? In fact, it is in the Bout-du-Monde Sports Centre. It’s a good way to try climbing! This sport will get you working on your cardio, stimulate your brawn and even your brains, because you have to make the right choices in order to climb correctly. A colourful and ultra-entertaining sport!

Thinking of top places for running sessions

Geneva is THE green city par excellence. Having running sessions in cool areas is a good way to stay active without suffering from the heat during the summer. Here are some top places for summer running sessions:

With all these options, no more excuses then, put on your best pair of running shoes and have fun during the summer.

Discover golf, an exciting sport

Every summer, the city of Geneva offers free golf lessons. Discover a sport that usually is not that accessible. Free sports lessons for urban golfing in the heart of Geneva? An opportunity not to be missed to discover a new rewarding sporting activity. Take this opportunity from 3rd July to 20th August 2023.

Spend a refreshing summer in the water

free water sports summer geneva

What would summer be without bathing? The free beach of Nautica will allow you to indulge in water sports for a cool summer. So which sports activities to choose?

Enjoy the water while staying active this summer!

Feel like a fish in the water and stay sporty this summer!

To sum up, here are the 7 ideas to exercise in Geneva without spending a penny, by discovering the summer capsules and urban golf, letting off steam by bike or on foot, climbing like a monkey or swimming like a fish. From July to September, you will spend an active, cool and free summer!

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