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exercising with your baby

Getting into or getting back to sports with a baby in your arms can seem complicated. But thanks to our 6 tips, you will be able to get back to exercising while having a great time with your newborn! Super fun ideas for sport activities to keep you in shape, while staying connected to your little one and making them discover the joys of exercise! So don’t hesitate any longer, follow the guide and let’s go!

Walking with your baby: the good idea 

Walking: a simple yet very beneficial activity. Let’s see together how to do it the right way.

The gear you need

How to walk well with baby?

Once you have made sure that your child is settled comfortably and that the conditions are optimal for you too, let’s go! I advise you not to walk more than 10 km and to take breaks every ten minutes for baby’s well-being. Walking has positive effects on your body and mind, a must for a parent! Plus, your baby will be able to observe the world with their eyes wide open, a wonderful moment of curiosity for them.

Try baby yoga and awaken the senses of your little one

sport with baby yoga

Yoga, this ancestral practice, is now becoming rather well known in our Western countries. But did you know that there even is a special yoga to practice with your baby?

The gear you need

How to practice baby yoga ?

The great thing is that you will both actively participate! You can begin with some yoga poses next to your little one, each on your mat.  Then you can do some specific baby poses for them. Here is an example of pose:

Be careful to only stick to poses that really exist!

Practice swimming with your swimming baby

sport with baby swimmer

For this activity, it is best to wait until your baby is four months old. If you want to practice this activity at the municipal swimming pool, you need to enrol into swimming baby groups.

The gear you need

How to swim with your baby?

For this activity, you will focus your attention on your child more than on your sporting practice. If you want to keep on practicing sports with your child even later, getting them used to water sports from an early age is a real head start.

For this activity, the main thing is to be attentive to your little one’s reactions and to go about it gently. A moment of complete relaxation!

Dancing with your baby: to connect through sports

Dancing is both a sport and a form of bodily expression. Dancing with your baby is a wonderful way to exercise while spending time connecting with your child.

The gear you need

How to dance with your baby?

Moms, before doing this exercise, you should make sure to be physically ready if you have just given birth, because you will be doing a double effort: dancing and carrying the baby. You can choose the music of your choice and the type of dance too. Do not make any sudden or dangerous moves for your child, but other than that the goal is to let off steam, have fun and connect with your little one.

Pedal with your little one

exercising with baby bike

Cycling is a great sport! It works on your balance and strengthens your muscles.

The gear you need

How to ride a bike with your baby?

Foremost, you must wait until your child knows how to master the sitting position and knows how to hold their head and back, this means around nine months old. As with walking, do not cover too many miles and take regular breaks. Thanks to the bike, baby will experience their first little thrills of adrenaline! An enjoyable family and sporting moment!

My final tips for safe activities with baby

Now that you have lots of ideas and that your feet are burning, remember these few tips before starting:

To summarize, our 6 ideas for exercising with your baby are walking, yoga, swimming, dancing and cycling. By following our advice, you will experience moments of sporting joy shared with the most precious being in your life. To have a sporting life is to ensure mental and physical health!

If you want to dive deeper into physical activity, don’t hesitate and contact me for some sport personal training.