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The best bodybuilding methods according to Samy Sart

You want to start bodybuilding ?

Well done to you! Now it’s time to take stock of what’s been achieved. 7 best bodybuilding methods.

Find the method that boosts your daily life!

How will weight training change your life positively your life?

Making this part of your sporting routine will help you perform performance. You’ll have better endurance, more strength and more muscular power.

Your health will also improve, as you adopt better body posture and take care of your cardiovascular system as well as your bones.

What’s more, by taking care of your body and your weight, your self-esteem will be boosted and your mental health will improve!

No more reason to doubt… So let’s go and find your personalized bodybuilding method !

4 muscle-building methods to work your whole body at once

best full-body bodybuilding methods

If your aim is to harmonize your silhouette and work all the muscles of your body, here are a number of suitable methods.

Focus on the Full Body, a bodybuilding method to work your whole body

As its name suggests, the Full Body will work all your muscles in every session. This method means you don’t have to spend all your time working out, and it’s a must for those who like to work out. push their limits.

Effective ! But how does it work?

2 to 3 times a week and after a good warm-up, you can go to the gym, or in your living room and do some highly effective exercises :

You can also do Deadlift and Rowing, or shoulder press as well as Pull-ups.

Do sessions of 45-minute sessions and leave yourself at least a day’s break between each session.

Focus on crossfit

best crossfit bodybuilding methods

This ultra-complete method of muscle training for those who want to develop both strength and flexibility. their strength and flexibility.

Indeed Crossfit is a muscular training method that combines cardio, gymnastics cardio, gymnastics, athletics and weightlifting exercises to strengthen every muscle in the body.

At the rate of 3 45-minute sessions per week, here are typical exercises Crossfit :

You can also do Dips, Front squat, Lunges or Muscle up.

Focus on the Calisthenics method

This muscle-building method is simply calisthenics.

The principle of this method is to use your body weight as resistance to build muscle.

This Street Workout is ideal for those who like to train outdoor.

Three 30-minute sessions a week, with two days’ rest between each workout.

Exercises to be performed include, pull-ups, burpees, dips and curls.

Bodybuilding methods that compartmentalize your efforts

best split bodybuilding methods

We’re all different, and maybe working all your muscles at the same time every session seems tedious.

Here are some muscle-building methods that will work your muscles in groups.

The Split method

Now let’s take a look at the Split method.

This method allows you to work one or two muscle groups during each training session.

At least 3 sessions per week, lasting around 1 hour, choose the muscle group you want to work and alternate muscle groups.

Once you’re comfortable, you can practice this method this method at home if you like.

Focus on the Westside 4 Skinny Bastard

This method, with its funny name, will have you working your whole body, but but in a distributed way.

And after a good weekend’s rest, it’s important to start again!

A bodybuilding method perfect for people who like to compartmentalize their efforts and enjoy well-organized weeks.

The HIIT method

hiit bodybuilding method

This method consists ofhigh intensity but short duration workouts.

It’s ideal for people who don’t have a lot of time on their hands. little time or for or for those with fiery tempers.

There are several protocols to optimize this method.

Practice at least 3 x 20-minute sessions per week.

An ultra ultra energizing and very good for your health!

The TRX bodybuilding method for sports enthusiasts

If your goal is toimprove your strength then this method is for you!

For this method you absolutely need two straps.

So you can practice whenever and wherever you want!

Here are some examples oftypical TRX exercises :

The Lafay method, the French touch

As with thehe Calisthenic methodmethod, this purely French muscle-building method involves bodyweight training.

3 one-hour sessions a week will be beneficial.

The specificity of this method is that it must be accompanied by a special diet.

No equipment, adaptable to each individual and highly effective, this method is a must in the world of bodybuilding.

There’s no such thing as the best bodybuilding method, but one that’s right for your body.

To sum up, bodybuilding is for everyone!

Depending on your personality, your goals, your schedule and the figure you want to achieve, there are plenty of effective methods to choose from.

If you’re afraid of going it alone, don’t worry, I can offer you personalized coaching. So don’t hesitate, come and train with me!