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Outdoor sports in Geneva

Following on from our previous article on the best winter sports spots in Geneva we’re now going to take a look at the 7 best spots for outdoor sports in Geneva this spring and summer!

Surrounded by the Alps and Lake Geneva, Geneva is an ideal city for outdoor sports enthusiasts, combining nature and urbanism. Its many assets include verdant parks, breathtaking hiking trails, crystal-clear Lake Geneva and much more.

Hold on to your hats, and we’ll take you on a tour of Geneva’s fresh air and thrills!

The Salève, a must-see hiking spot for a bird’s eye view of Geneva

The Salève is one of the most popular hiking spots in the Geneva region, but it’s not the only one!

This limestone massif, just a few kilometers from Geneva, offers a wealth of outdoor activities such as climbing, paragliding and mountain biking. The spot is also a popular meeting place for lovers of breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and Lake Geneva. Indeed, the view from the top of the Salève is breathtaking. The diversity of hiking itineraries makes it an ideal place for all levels and desires.

The Salève can be reached by car, by public transport and by road. by spring 2023, the Salève aerial tramway will be in operationThe lift will take visitors to the summit in less than 5 minutes. What are you waiting for to embark on this outdoor excursion around Geneva?

Geneva’s Botanical Gardens: an opportunity to jog or do yoga in a bucolic setting

Geneva Botanical Garden is the place to be for nature lovers who want to enjoy a bucolic setting while getting some exercise. In this exceptional setting, you can enjoy a wide range of sporting activities such as jogging, yoga or a stroll with family and friends to stretch your legs.

Nestled in the heart of the city the Botanical Garden offers a peaceful, natural environment in which to recharge your batteries, while enjoying the proximity of downtown Geneva.

To reach the Botanical Gardens, we recommend you use public transport such as buses or streetcars.

So get your anti-slip mat and running shoes ready, and head off to this idyllic spot in the heart of the city!

Kayak down the Rhône: discover Geneva and its surroundings in a different way


Kayaking down the Rhône is a must for discovering the Geneva region from a different angle.

A trip down the river offers a unique view of the city and its surroundings, while exploring the region’s natural heritage. This activity gives you a feeling of freedom in the middle of nature, and lets you soak up the charm of Geneva’s landscapes.

To make the most of this experience, it’s important to have quality equipment and to turn to trusted organizers . So put on your lifejacket and get ready for an unusual and refreshing outdoor adventure on the Rhône!

Parc de la Perle du Lac: the perfect outdoor water sports spot in Geneva

The Perle du Lac park is famous for its spectacular views of Lake Geneva and the surrounding Alps. Sports enthusiasts will appreciate the hiking and biking trails, as well as fitness and volleyball facilities. The Perle du Lac park also boasts an area dedicated to water sports.

Water sports enthusiasts can take advantage of the facilities of the Ski Nautique Club de la Perle du Lac Switzerland’s oldest yacht club. The club offers a range of water sports activities for young and old, including paddleboarding, water skiing, wakeboarding and wakesurfing.

Thrill-seekers will be delighted to be able to indulge in these water sports in exceptional surroundings, offering dreamy panoramas of Lake Geneva. Whether alone, with family or friends, the Perle du Lac park offers an ideal natural setting for relaxation and a variety of sporting activities.

The banks of the Rhône, get ready for the next Run Evasion Rhône race


The banks of the Rhône are a must for runners and trail runners in Geneva. Runners and joggers can take advantage of the quayside facilities to train, challenge themselves and prepare for their next trail. The banks of the Rhône also offer an ideal setting for preparing the Run Évasion Rhône a friendly sporting event that lets you discover new horizons while challenging yourself.

This race of 8, 15 or 24 kilometers takes you through the town, passing through the bucolic village of Aire-la-Ville. The event is known for its friendly atmosphere, allowing runners to challenge themselves while having a great time. To take part in this race, it is preferable to physical preparation (with the help of a sports coach, for example) and register in advance for the next edition, which takes place in March 2024.

The Plaine de Plainpalais skatepark, the perfect outdoor spot to work out in Geneva.

The Plainpalais Skatepark is one of the best spots for outdoor sports in Geneva. For skateboarders, rollerbladers and scooter enthusiasts, it offers a dedicated area for exercise and fun.

The wide variety of structures available is suitable for all levels of practice. You’ll find everything you need for sliding: ramps, curves, stairs, low walls and much more. The ideal spot for training and perfecting your skills.

So, if you want to work on your tricks and enjoy a friendly moment with other board sports enthusiasts, don’t hesitate to visit the Plainpalais Skatepark!

Cycling tours: a great way to enjoy outdoor sports in and around Geneva


Geneva and the surrounding area offer a wide range of cycling routes, allowing you to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a sporting activity in the great outdoors.

To set off on these tours, it is important to have the right equipment and to rent a bike if you don’t already have one. rent a bike if you don’t already have one. Depending on your physical condition, it’s advisable to choose the loop that best suits your abilities, so as not to make your outing an ordeal.

Outdoor sports in Geneva, in a nutshell:

Outdoor sports in Geneva are a must for thrill-seekers and nature lovers alike.

In this article, we take a look at the 7 best spots in and around the city for skateboarding, cycling, jogging, water sports and much more. Geneva offers a wide choice of activities to suit all tastes and levels.

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Let’s go!