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Pregnancy is an exciting time for many women. Although the physical changes accompanying pregnancy can make it difficult to stay active, exercising during these 9 months is important for both mother and baby.

In fact, according to a pregnancy guide produced by the Government of Canadait ‘s a good idea to stay active during your pregnancy. Count on an average of 150 minutes of sport per week.

If you’re short of ideas, here are seven types of exercise during pregnancy to help you stay in shape.

Swimming: a great way to unwind while you’re pregnant.

Sport exercises swimming pregnant woman

Swimming is the ideal sport for pregnant women. During pregnancy, it’s the ideal choice for gentle, joint-free exercise. Above all, swimming offers an optimum level of cardiovascular and respiratory safety. By practicing this activity regularly, expectant mothers can feel more relaxed while performing more fluid movements.

Not only does swimming provide a cardio workout, it also helps strengthen your muscles. But be sure to listen to your body and take breaks when you feel you need to.

Yoga: an effective way to tone your muscles during pregnancy

yoga sport pregnancy

Yoga is not only excellent for relaxation and stress relief. This activity also helps improve posture, balance, strength, flexibility and breathing.

This gentle activity can also help reduce the risk of back pain, which is very common during pregnancy.

There are many poses specially designed for pregnant women to help strengthen and tone your muscles. These include the butterfly, the warrior position and the cat.

To get the most out of your yoga sessions, it’s best to take classes specifically designed for pregnant women: prenatal yoga.

Pilates, the gentle way to stay in shape

Pilates is a low-impact exercise that focuses on stretching, strengthening and toning various muscles such as the abdomen, back, pelvic floor, legs, arms, chest and shoulders. It’s a great way to get fit without putting too much stress or strain on your joints and ligaments. Be sure to consult a certified Pilates instructor before starting any new routine.

Walking during pregnancy: 30 minutes a day. Are you up to the challenge?

Walking is one of the best exercises you can do during pregnancy. Indeed, it has a low impact while offering an effective cardiovascular workout.

Try to walk for 30 minutes a day if possible, as this will help you stay healthy and fit throughout your pregnancy! Walking outdoors is particularly beneficial, as it allows you to get some fresh air at the same time!

Strength training: or how to get stronger while you’re pregnant

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Strength-training exercises such as sumo squats and front lunges help strengthen abdominal muscles. These exercises help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and hips.

The benefits of squats during pregnancy

Squats are an ideal exercise for pregnant women. They help build leg and back muscles, and keep the cardiovascular system in good shape. With this exercise, the expectant mother combats the discomfort of heavy legs and excessive weight gain.

The benefits of clefts during pregnancy

The lunge is an effective exercise for strengthening leg muscles, especially the quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes. This exercise can be used by pregnant women to help reduce venous swelling, and improve balance.

Other types of muscle exercise for pregnant women

Other types of exercise, such as the dead bug or the single-leg bridge, help you work your deep muscles. As for push-ups or squats, they’re there to work your superficial muscles. Easy to do at home these types of exercise require very little sports equipment…just time and motivation!

Cycling: low-impact exercise for pregnant women

Cycling (on a stationary bike) is another low-impact exercise that can be done safely during pregnancy.

Just make sure you adjust the height of the seat so that your feet can touch the ground flat during your activity. Otherwise, it could put unnecessary pressure on your lower back or joints!

In particular, cycling helps strengthen your legs and core muscles, which will help support you throughout your pregnancy!

Exercise during pregnancy, let’s take stock:

Exercise is essential during pregnancy, not only for the health of the mother but also for that of the baby. That said, exercising during pregnancy should always be done responsibly. If something feels uncomfortable, stop immediately – never push yourself beyond what feels comfortable or safe – listen carefully to what your body is telling you and above all, have fun!

With these 7 easy exercises in mind, there’s no reason why staying active during pregnancy has to be difficult. Have fun exploring different ways of staying active – who knows – maybe an unexpected activity will become one of your favorites! Good luck!

If you live in Geneva and would like to be accompanied by a personal fitness trainer to keep you in shape during your pregnancy, why not contact me?