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preparing for the generali geneve marathon

Are you 18 or over and dreaming of a great sporting challenge ?

Then the Generali Genève Marathon is for you! A 42.195 km route in the middle of May, criss-crossing the magnificent Swiss countryside and the heart of the beautiful city of Geneva. So if you’d like to challenge yourself physically and mentally in the company of motivated, energetic people in sumptuous scenery, don’t hesitate any longer…this marathon in the heart of Geneva is for you!

But how do you prepare for an event like a marathon? Training, nutrition and equipment… Come and discover all my tips for a successful spring run!

Marathon training

In general, marathon training begins 4 months before the race. During these weeks of preparation, the first thing to remember is to train on terrain similar to the event. The famous Generali Genève marathon takes place both in the countryside and in the city, so alternate training sessions between concrete and country roads.

Jogging sessions: a must for such an event

Train your cardio by jogging . This simply involves running in moderation. It’s essential to prepare your body with these slower running sessions!

After a good warm-up, essential before every jog, start with 2-hour sessions and increase the pace to 2 hours 45 minutes as you go along. Don’t pull on the rope and always listen to your body. Ideally, you should do 1 jogging session a week between your split sessions.

Split sessions: train like a real athlete before the event

After warming up, you should do at least 3 running sessions a week to prepare for your marathon, i.e. sessions where you run at marathon pace, but split the time or distance.

For example, I advise you to walk 2 X 5 kilometers or 3 X 20 minutes.

Your body will get used to this pace, but by dividing up the time and the number of kilometers, you don’t tire your body unnecessarily; on the contrary, you condition it for this beautiful Swiss race.

A top-notch diet to put your chances on the side

a good diet is essential to prepare for the generali geneve marathon

When preparing for the Generali Genève Marathon, diet is one of the keys to achieving your goal.

Basic equipment for marathon running

running shoes to prepare for the general geneva marathon

Of course, the most important factor in being able to cover all those kilometers in the heart of Geneva during the month of May is having the right shoes for your feet.

Treat your feet to the perfect pair of running shoes for 42.195 kilometers of running and your training sessions. Go to a sports store and make sure you have shoes that support you properly, but don’t forget that your feet swell during exercise and that sometimes going up a size may be a solution.

As the marathon takes place at the beginning of May in the beautiful city of Geneva, the weather is both mild and rainy.

Equip yourself with breathable running clothes, preferring a lightweight short-sleeved top with semi-long bottoms. Take a waterproof jacket with you in case of rain during the race in Geneva. Covering so many miles soaking wet will spoil the moment for you!

Train with the help of a private sports coach

samy sart corporate sports coach geneva

Preparing for an event such as a marathon in the middle of Geneva can be complicated. Finding the right motivation, applying the right sporting techniques and taking the right routes is no easy task. That’s why being accompanied by a coach can be a more than optimal solution for successful running and making training a real pleasure!

I can offer you the very best support, tailored to your sporting profile. Let us help you make this event, the Generali Genève Marathon, a great personal running feat!

Preparing for the Generali Genève Marathon, in a nutshell:

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