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Have you managed to stay motivated throughout the year and are you starting summer with a great summer body? Or do you feel the urge to get to exercising now that summer’s coming? No problem! Exercising during summer is a real treat, but of course between barbecues, parties, holidays and the heat… it’s not easy staying motivated!

Keep calm, I’ll give you 7 top tips for continuing or starting a sports routine in order to stay in great shape throughout the summer. Put on your sneakers and your sunscreen and let yourself be guided!

Have your sports sessions at home early in the morning or in the evening

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In order to avoid sports sessions under the scorching sun, the best you can do is to practice your sports exercises at home and during the cooler hours. Early in the morning before work or early in the evening before a little outing with friends, choose what suits you best.

It’s up to you to create your sports routine with exercises that will work the chosen parts of your body.

By maintaining regular and at the same times sports sessions, you ensure optimal results and personal pride.

Take your sports gear during your holidays

Holiday time has come! In your suitcases, take sports gear that takes up little space with you. By taking this equipment, you give yourself more chances to stay motivated.

You can take resistance bands, a small foot ball or even your skipping rope. As with sports at home, you can maintain an exercise routine in the cooler hours or play fun sports, like volleyball games, on the beach! After all, it’s summer, you ought to enjoy it!

Favour alternate summer sports

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Exercising also means living with the season. It makes exercising funnier with less routine. Go practice summer sports. Here I give you some examples:

There’s plenty of options, so choose what best suits your budget and your personality and let’s go!

Stay motivated by challenging yourself as a group or as a pair

You can practice your morning or evening sports routine with your family, because getting motivated on your own can be more difficult. You will not see this activity as a chore, but as a hobby. Set original challenges for your loved ones such as night runs or breaststroke contests at your city’s municipal swimming pool! Come on, let’s go combine fun with sports!

Enjoy yourself in a sports holiday club

Many sports-oriented holiday clubs exist. If you have the budget, you can go to one of these clubs. Surrounded by other sports enthusiasts and professionals, you are guaranteed to stay motivated! If you don’t have the financial means for such a holiday, why not create your club at home? Make up a tailor-made sports program with your loved ones, for example for a week. A fun challenge that will give you and your loved ones thrills and that you’ll be able to be proud of.

Practice water sports

summer water sports

What a better time to get into water sports than during the summer? In order to stay cool during the hot weather while doing your body good, water sports are perfect.

Once in water, moves become easier, but the outcome on your muscles is the same. In addition, the water will relax your body and will even do your mind good.

Aqua-gym, crawl or even windsurfing…the range of choices is wide.

Follow these tips to exercise safely during summer

Of course, you need to be careful while practicing sports in summer.

Never push yourself too hard in summer, you’d risk putting yourself in danger.

Exercising during summer, to summarise

To summarise, exercising in summer thanks to our 7 tips is a great idea! By practicing the right sports and adopting the right gestures, you will stay healthy and maintain or redefine your body.

If you want to make sure you’ll stay motivated all year round and have the best results, I offer personal training in Geneva just for you!

Hesitate no more, and get started with me!