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sport and menopause

Sport and menopause: a new art of living

You’ve entered a new phase in your life with the menopause.

This can be a roller-coaster ride of changes. To cope with this important milestone in your life as a woman, it’s important to adopt a new lifestyle routine so that you can live this new stage serenely.

Taking care of your body is essential. Here we look at the benefits of sport and physical activity during menopause, to help you navigate these changes with peace of mind.

The benefits of sport during menopause

sport and menopause

Sport is always beneficial! But depending on the period of our lives, we need to adapt our approach to physical activity.

Menopause and weight gain

Because of hormonal changes, chances are you’ve put on a little weight.

Don’t panic, you can easily lose that extra body fat with regular physical activity. In the rest of this article, I’ll suggest the best sports to do during menopause.

Sport during menopause to limit cardiovascular risks

Still due to hormonal changes your cardiovascular system is weaker. So it’s essential to take up sports to help strengthen your cardiovascular system. More than just the need to have a nice body, a woman’s need to exercise during menopause is a necessity to stay healthy.

Stimulate your endorphins to cope with menopausal symptoms

As you’ve probably noticed, your mood is more erratic and you’re unfortunately more susceptible to depressive symptoms.

When you exercise, you produce endorphins, also known as the “happy hormone “. This hormone will reduce your stress and increase your well-being!

Take care of your muscles

After a certain age, muscle mass declines . To remedy this, you can practice muscle-strengthening exercises.

There are so many reasons to start or resume sport during menopause! Keeping your body looking good, maintaining your physical and mental health… Now that you’ve understood the benefits of sport during menopause, let’s see what precautions you should take before taking the plunge!

Exercising during menopause: my key tips

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Your body has changed, so the way you look after it must be different. Don’t worry, I’ll explain everything!

The benefits of a healthy diet

The benefits of sport should always be combined with a healthy, balanced diet. Promotes balance with a mix of fruits, vegetables, grains and proteins . Avoids processed products. Proper nutrition will make it easier for you to exercise.

Precautions and preparations for safe physical activity

To avoid injury, you should of course always warm up before your training sessions. Don’t pull your punches and resume sport gradually. Start by walking at least thirty minutes a day.

Focus on impact sports

Impact sports are those that are intense on your bones or joints, such as soccer or dance. However, you should always seek your doctor’s advice before embarking on such sports! Don’t take any unnecessary risks. In fact, your bones are more fragile and therefore not withstand impacts.

You’re finally ready to start your new sports routine! It’s time to get to the heart of the matter and introduce you to the best sports to play when you’re a woman going through menopause.

The best types of sport for menopausal women

menopause sport swimming

Sport can help alleviate menopausal symptoms, so…buy yourself some good sports equipment and off you go!

Lose weight by indulging yourself

The best sports for slimming down during menopause are: walking such as hiking, cycling or swimming.

Hiking is a great way to lose weight while spending time in nature. This leisure sport is excellent for your physical and mental health.

The bike will work your whole body. You can practice it in the countryside or in the city. You can even combine business with pleasure, by using it as your daily means of transport.

As well as helping you slim down, swimming will relax you completely.

Stimulate your cardio

As I said earlier, you absolutely must take care of your weakened cardiovascular system. Cycling and swimming are still ideal for this purpose. These activities have many benefits, so get started!

Strength training: a menopause sport that’s just right for you

You may have clichés about bodybuilding and think it’s a sport for men only. Not at all!

The benefits of weight training are incredible, especially for menopausal women. Weight training will prevent you from gaining fat while keeping your muscles from sagging. You can even increase your muscle mass… what more could you ask for?

Sport at home

There’s one sport that’s often associated with menopause, and that’s Pilates . This gentle form of gymnastics offers a wide range of exercises that you can perform at home. Take care of your body at home, in your cocoon. A moment of stimulation and gentleness, excellent for your health. Create your own Pilates program.

Sports during menopause, in a nutshell:

Exercising during the menopause is absolutely essential for your health. What’s more, combined with a healthy diet, it can help you keep your weight down. And above all, sport will help you stay mentally healthy.

Motivation can be hard to find, which is why I offer you private, personalized digital coaching. Get help with your new exercise routine, and never feel alone again in your new life!