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The squat is the must-do exercise for firm legs. But in addition to working your quads and hamstrings, you can sculpt your glutes and adductors.

Squats are great for strengthening your entire lower body. Ready to integrate this bodybuilding exercise into your daily life? Jump on board and sculpt a dream body for yourself!

Some squats to get quads of steel

front squat

The quadriceps muscles are located in your front thigh. If you practice squats, on top of getting firm and muscular thighs, you will also strengthen your joints. But then what types of squats for your quadriceps?

The chair: the basic squat to work your quads

Stand with your back against the wall and slowly get down until your knees are at a 90-degree angle. Hold this position for a full minute, then slowly come back up.

The front squat

front squat

You can choose which types of squats you prefer from these two examples. Whether you prefer staying home alone or training at the gym.

These exercises will benefit your entire lower body, but even more so your quadriceps.

Some squats for firm hamstrings

After the front thigh, give way to the back thigh! In order to perfect your thigh, here are examples of squats that will benefit your hamstring muscles:

Zooming in on air squats

The back squat : an exercise that can also be done at the gym! 

back squat

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The Hack Squat

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Some squats for a muscly butt

In addition to the aesthetic side, building butt muscle means ensuring proper functioning of the hips, back and knees. Here are two examples of squats to have a butt of steel: 

The narrow squat: the original version of squats

squat serré narrow squat

Place your feet hip-width apart. Flex your legs as if trying to squat all the way down until your thighs are parallel to the ground, while pushing your butt back. To avoid injury, be sure to place your body weight on your heels and keep your back straight.

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The Romanian deadlift: a more muscular squat variation

Hold a dumbbell in each hand, arms to your sides, and bend your knees slightly. Then slowly bend the hip joint and lower the dumbbells as much as you can while making sure to keep your back straight. Get up slowly while making your glutes work.

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Some squats for your adductors’ flexibility

Working your adductors is essential in order to maintain good leg flexibility and good blood circulation.

Here are two examples of types of squats for your adductors:

The sumo squat: a variation of the basic squat

The sumo squat is a variation of the basic squat where your feet are placed well over shoulder width apart and your toes point outward. To perform it well, bend your legs while pushing your butt back, while keeping your back straight.

The side squat 

squat latéral

The different types of squats, in short: 

There are many types of squats and this exercise is extremely beneficial for having firm muscles as well as a good health. At the gym or at home, you can practice this type of bodybuilding quite easily and with optimal results if you are dedicated.

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