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pilates exercises beginner

If you want to tone up while improving your posture, then Pilates is for you!

This muscle-strengthening method is not only a great way of toning up your appearance, but also, and above all, excellent for your health. In addition to sculpting your figure, Pilates works your deep muscles and relieves a lot of pain caused by bad posture.

What are you waiting for? Buy a sports mat and discover 10 exercises to get you started with this fantastic Pilates method… and off you go!

1. The leg raise, the perfect Pilates exercise for beginners

Let’s start with a well-known exercise.

This exercise must surely speak to you, so why not start with something familiar?

This Pilates exercise for beginners will work your abdominals while stabilizing your torso.

2. The Push-up, an essential Pilates exercise

push up pilates exercises beginner

To continue working the muscles of the upper body, let’s continue with the Push-up as a Pilates exercise.

Always remember to breathe deeply during all Pilates exercises for beginners.

3. The roll-up-roll-down posture: a simple Pilates exercise to relax your spine

This exercise in your Pilates session is both a moment of relaxation and one of the best exercises for your spine and legs.

You’ll feel your vertebrae spring back into place with every move!

4. Spine Stretch Forward

Spine Stretch Forward pilates exercises

Continue your private lesson at home.

You’ll strengthen the stability of your pelvis and lengthen the deep muscles of your legs.

5. The Superman, a session to work your lumbar vertebrae

Let’s move on to your back and lumbar region. You’re bound to experience pain in these parts of your body.

6. Hip rotation

Pilates will also help you strengthen your balance.

Let’s take a look at an exercise that will help you work on your balance and is perfect for strengthening your feet and ankles.

7. The buttock bridge or how to work your buttocks in just a few sessions

gluteal bridge pilates exercises

If you want to firm up your buttocks, then this easy exercise is for you!

The buttock bridge is an excellent way to improve your back silhouette.

8. Arm circles: more difficult than it looks

Here’s a simple, gentle exercise that’s perfect for relieving tension in your shoulders and neck.

9. The chair or how to work the deep muscles of your buttocks

To continue improving your balance while working on your glutes and thighs, let’s sit down on an imaginary chair!

10. The Hundred, a breathing exercise

To bring your workout to a gentle close, practice a breathing exercise.

Controlled, healthy breathing is the key to good health and optimal exercise!

A great way to end the session in total relaxation!

To conclude

As you’ve seen, Pilates is an excellent way of combining relaxation, muscle strengthening and eliminating the pain of bad posture.

What’s more, all you need is a good exercise mat and a little time, and you can practice this activity in the comfort of your own home.

Are you looking for a personal trainer in Geneva to get you started with Pilates? Don’t hesitate to contact me!

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